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Following is a quote on a bulk bag loading station. It is a manual operation where the bag is hung by the operator the bag’s neck is placed over the bladder the start sequence is engaged (which opens the butterfly valve allowing material to flow into the bag) the weight is reached and the butterfly valve closes. A forklift then is used to lift the pallet holding the filled bulk bag. The unit stands approximately 7′ high. Actual height to be determined from longest bulk bag to be filled. SpecificationsBULK BAG FILLING EQUIPMENTWEIGH SCALE: Five Thousand pound (5000 lb.) capacity four load cell weigh scale platform (5′ x 5′) with carbon steel deck load cell cable digital scale controller (Flex-weigh) in NEMA 12 wall enclosure with adjustable set points for fill dribble and cut off. Adjustable height frame to hold bulk bag. (4) Heavy duty 3 x 3 x 1/4 thick posts to hold frame at corners of platform scale. Air actuated loop clamps to hold bulk bag loops while filling.FILLING NECK: Model CAM-14-SS is a 304SS container fill neck with inflatable neoprene rubber bladder and protective sleeve to seal and retain bulk bags with a 14 diameter inlet sleeve. Includes removable bladder section dust collection outlet and bag inflation inlet.BULK AND DRIBBLE FILL: Bulk and dribble fill will be supplied through the 8 or 10 diameter butterfly valve with 2 solenoid valves interfaced to digital controller. Butterfly valve assembly to be attached to customer’s bin. Terms: 50% with order to begin production 50% balance due upon completion of work prior to shipment.Please note these prices are subject to change at any time based on the current steel market and cost of other parts. F.O.B. – LOCATION


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