Used Industrial homogenizers sourced from Arnold Equipment can offer quick and highly-efficient mixing for minimizing heat degradation of samples. These solid performance homogenizing machines are easy-to-operate and offer years of productivity.

We offer stainless steel homogenizers for the dairy industry, along with a wide selection of vacuum, inline, and high-shear homogenizers for various industry applications. The experienced professionals at Arnold Equipment source used homogenizers from trusted brands: Sonic Corporation, Olsa, APV, Avestin, Fryma Koruma, Silverson, and more.

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Contact us for a detailed appraisal, photos, and even video to determine suitability for your needs. If you don’t see a particular homogenizer for your spec’s, our reps will locate the exact manufacturing equipment that you require.

Five Generations of Expertise in Industrial Equipment

With the expertise of five generations and the network we’ve built in over a century in the business of industrial equipment, Arnold Equipment is positioned to buy, find, and sell the right homogenizer to keep manufacturing businesses like yours moving, expanding and producing. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, our selection of used homogenizers are purchased and sold worldwide.

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