At Arnold Equipment, our product portfolio of industrial used equipment includes both hot-cut pelletizers and strand pelletizers for compressing and molding materials. Our heavy-duty machines have a wide range of throughput rates to meet the needs of your manufacturing processes.

We pride ourselves on locating the machines you need for your materials processing. If you are seeking a plastic pelletizer, disc pelletizer or wood pellet mill — we have, or can locate, what you need.

Contact us for a detailed appraisal, photos, and even video to determine suitability for your specific pelletizing needs.

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Five Generations of Experience In Industrial Equipment

With the experience of five generations and the network we’ve built in over a century in the business of industrial equipment, Arnold Equipment is positioned to buy, find, and sell the right pelletizers to keep manufacturing businesses like yours moving, expanding and producing. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, our used pelletizers equipment is purchased and sold across the United States, and even worldwide.

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