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1 - used Groen 60 gallon kettle. Stainless steel, Steam jacketed. 60 Gallon. Self contained, electric fired. Thermostatic temperature control. Insulated for safety. Open top with 1.5" tangent outlet valve. Jacket national board rated at 30 PSI. 

NEW Wide sweep scraper agitation system for customers kettle. One piece formed stainless steel bridge with 1 HP Heavy Duty inline vertical gearmotor.......Price available on request

NEW Twin action wide sweep scraper agitation system. This system consists of a single motion wide sweep scraper agitator and a secondary offset agitator. Each agitator is driven by an independent gear drive with VFD for complete speed control and direction. All mounted to a one piece formed stainless steel bridge. ...Price available on request

*NEW high shear mixer to make it Triple Motion........Price available on request

NEW Double Motion Counter Rotating Agitator (Shaft in Shaft design). ...Price available on request

NEW Filter basket.....ADD tbd

NEW Time & Temperature Control Package.....ADD tbd

Pneumatic actuated cylinders for lifting bridge and agitator out of kettle. Includes all necessary valving. For use with single, twin or double motion agitators. ADD tbd

Wide sweep INCLINED scraper agitator. Single motion wide sweep inclined scraper agitator mounted to one piece formed stainless steel bridge with baffle. Agitator is driven by a HEAVY DUTY SEW Eurodrive gear inline gear motor with electronic VFD included. ...Price available on request

Baffle for bridge mounted single motion or twin action wide sweep scraper agitator. Angel baffle welded to bridge....Price available on request

Lift off lids for kettle with center bridge. ...Price available on request


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