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One new Heavy Duty Machine, Inc. Model HDM-DP-40 Double Planetary Mixer with a working capacity of 40 gallons (full holding capacity of 47 gallons), including the following features and specifications:

 The mixer will be equipped with a Delroyd Model HV-70 gear reducer.  The mixer will include a 25 HP, 1,750 rpm, 230/460 volt, Class I, Group D, Class II Groups F&G explosion proof, inverter duty motor. Note: no motor starter or inverter is included in this proposal.  The sleeve bearing (the main hub that holds the planetary gearbox) will be made from type 304 stainless steel.  The planetary gearbox housing will be fabricated from type 304 stainless steel. The outside surfaces of the gearbox will have a mill finish. The welds will be left exposed with welding discoloration removed. The gearbox includes lower stirrer shaft bearing housings, stainless steel upper stirrer shaft caps, a stainless steel upper sealing arrangement with a single braided Teflon-impregnated packing and a stainless steel lower center cap.  Single mechanical seals with stainless steel housings will be provided on both stirrer shafts.  The stirrer shafts will be made from type 304 stainless steel.  The rectangular style stirrers will be made of type 304 stainless steel.  The vacuum hood will be fabricated from type 304 stainless steel. The hood will include two 3” Tri-Clamp ports in the lower front. The ports will be located at 45° 

and 315° from the front. There will also be one 1” NPT vacuum port near the top (at 90°). The hood will include O-ring grooves (the lower groove will be “dovetailed” to retain the O-ring) and will be provided with Viton O-rings to seal the hood to the drive bonnet and to the mix can. The interior surfaces of the hood will have a minimum of 150 grit finish with all welds ground smooth and the exterior will also have a minimum finish of 150 grit with the welds left exposed and weld discoloration removed.  The machine is designed for vacuum operation up to 29.5” Hg.  This proposal does not include a mix can. We suggest that the customer’s mix can be sent to us in time so it can be properly fitted to the machine during assembly. This proposal is based on the mix can being the same dimensions as a standard Heavy Duty Machine or Ross mix can with a 25” I.D., a 22” inside height, a 25-1/8” outside height (from top of flange to bottom of skirt) and a 6” base height.  The mixer is raised by an air/oil hydraulic lift cylinder. The lift is controlled by a hand operated air valve and a hand operated hydraulic valve. Air pressure of 100 – 120 psi is required.  Two limit switches will be provided and mounted (but not wired) to prevent operation of the mixer drive motor when the blades are raised or when a mix can is not present. It is the end user’s responsibility to make sure these limit switches are wired correctly before the machine is put into operation.  The machine’s base will be fabricated from steel channel and is 6” high.  All exterior parts to be painted with teal colored, oil-based industrial enamel paint and the underside of the drive bonnet (up above the gearbox inside the hood) will be painted with Steel-It heavy duty stainless steel filled paint. PRICE F.O.B. PROMPTON, PA……………………………….……………. $163,000.00

OPTIONS:  SIDE AND BOTTOM SCRAPERS: Shaft-mounted stainless steel sidewall scraper arm with replaceable Teflon scraper blade. The shaft is mounted to the side of the planetary gearbox with a stainless steel plate and two pillow block bearings.

There is a spring loaded bracket which keeps the scraper blade away from the side of the mix can when lowering and raising the mixer and allows the force of the product to push the scraper against the side once mixing begins. This option also includes one adjustable scraper (with replaceable Teflon blade) mounted to bottom of one stirrer to scrape the bottom of the mix can. ……………..……..… $12,500.00

 STAINLESS STEEL, JACKETED MIX CAN: One new 40-gallon mix can fabricated from type 304 stainless steel. The mix can is designed for operation under full vacuum as well as for use with a Heavy Duty Machine style discharge system at a discharge pressure of 25 psi. The interior welds and surfaces will be ground and polished to a minimum of a 150 grit finish. All exterior welds will be left exposed, but any weld discoloration will be removed. The top flange will be machined to properly seal with the mixer’s vacuum hood. The mix can will include a 2” NPT, bottom-front located, manually operated, PBM flush tank ball valve and will include a sidewall and bottom jacket. The jacket is rated for 15 psi, however it is of a very heavy-duty design and will be tested to 100 psi before shipment. The mix can will be mounted on casters and set up for use with a mixer with a 6” base height. No handles or lifting trunnions are included. If mix can is ordered at the same time as the mixer described above, it will be fitted, pinned, and shipped with the mixer …………………………....…..………..…………………….. $19,500.00

SHIPMENT: Approximately 16 - 18 weeks after receipt of order and down payment. TERMS: 50% down payment with order, 25% approximately 4 weeks prior to shipment of machine, balance net 30 days after shipment. WARRANTY: The mixer is warranted (mechanical components of the mixer) for a period of one year from purchase with the exception of normal wear items such as seals and O-rings or any damage due to improper use or abuse. Note: bending of stirrer shafts and any additional damage caused when the stirrers collide are examples of the type of failures caused by misuse/abuse that are not covered by this warranty. Any federal, state, or local sales or use taxes are the responsibility of the buyer


ManufacturerHeavy Duty Machine, Inc.
Stock Number10771
Size (smallest to largest)40.0 Gallon