Union Process 60-S



M & E #C734569 (1/5/12 AVAIL)$17500 LESS 15%BRISBANE CA1/5/12 JonWe pulled the unit out and there is an issue. It looks like the previous owner cut the drive shaft just above the bolt connection. Therefore there is a 12” section that would connect the shaft to the drive motor which is missing. It would require welding a solid keyed shaft that would mate to the drive assembly (photos attached). Unfortunately we do not have the capability to perform this metal work. We can offer to sell the equipment as is at a discounted rate if your customer is able do the work. Sorry for the last minute bad news. I do know of a larger attritor mill that is available if they can use a larger one. Not positive but I think it is a 100-S.1/3/12 - NO LINERS WITH IT. IT IS A STAINLESS STEEL UNIT.ATTRITOR MILL MANUFACTURED BY UNION PROCESS SIZE 60-S COMPLETE WITH STAINLESS STEEL JACKETED TANK WITH CERAMIC LINING. TANK MEASURES 29 DIAMETER X 29 DEEP 2-1/4 SIDE BTM. OUTLET. INCLUDES AGITATOR WITH 2-1/4 DIA. SHAFT AND (7) SETS OF RUBBER-LINED PADDLES. COMPLETE WITH 15 HP 208-230/460 VOLT 3/60HZ MOTOR THRU 20.36:1 GEARBOX RESULTING IN 86 OURPUT RPM. INCLUDES SPARE LINERS. PREVIOUSLY USED TO GRIND CERAMIC POWDERS. REPORTED TO BE IN GOOD CONDITION. Price:$17500 EACH FOB BRISBANE CA


ManufacturerUnion Process
Stock Number7443
Machine id7630
Machine code03A
Equipped with1 - used Union Process Model 60-S Attritor. Stainless steel jacketed tank. Tank is approx. 29 in. dia. x 29 in. deep with 2 1/4 in. side bottom outlet. Agitator with 2 1/4 in. dia. shaft and (7) sets of rubber lined paddles. 15 HP 3/60/208-230/460V motor through 20.36:1 gearbox resulting in approx. 86 RPM output. Prior use - Ceramic powder grinding. F.O.B. - LOCATION
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