Union Process 100-S



SOLDFederal #21159 - AVAIL 10/30/08A.E.C. PRICE LESS 15%2/2/05 - cust #17514 - (to vendor 2/14/05) 1. length ( up to the flange ) and diameter of center shaft.2. length and diameter of agitator arms.3. internal dimension of the grinding tank.2/14/05 - per vendor - Shaft dia. approx 2 in x 36 in long.Arms dia 1 1/4 in dia x 30 in long.Vessel approx. 34 in dia x 30 in deep. 2/15/05 - per vendor - The walls look great. Our ultrasound has disappeared so I have no way of getting the thickness.


ManufacturerUnion Process
Serial Number900210.0
Stock Number3799
Machine id3800
Machine descriptionUNION PROCESS ATTRITOR - 100-S
Machine code03A
Equipped with1 - used Union Process Attritor model 100-S stainless steel construction jacketed bowl 156 gallon total capacity 20/6.75 hp two speed XP motor 460 volt on base with 2 hp circulation pump. F.O.B. Cleveland OH
Subcategory sort100.0