Union Process 200-S



AIP # UNKEbay Item number: 757829165667% TO AIP / 33% TO AECEbay Item number: 7578291656PREVIOUSLY USED FOR A WET PRODUCT (NOT DRY)INFO at - www.unionprocess.com/wetbatprod.html 9/26/13 - TOM FULWIDER OF ARRAKIS INTERESTEDJon thanks for the suggestion to call Craig at Union Process. He indicated that if you could get the ID number from the gear reducer or the motor he could back track to the S/N and get the answers we need. Gearbox: Texcom WHY80A041-8BR 89128592-001Motor: Reliance 1MAF13532-G1-PK 87780/1W8/30/11 - according to Chuck Major of Union Process model designationsare directly a scale up from the 1-S model. (i.e. - a 200-S would be 200x the1-S size 30-S would be 30x the 1-S size etc).5/16/11 - THICKNESS TESTED WITH ULTRASONIC TESTERFROM INGALLS EQUIPMENTTop side wall thickness - .32 in middle side wall thickness - .32 in. bottom side wall thickness - .22 in. bottom at far edge by side wall - .08 in.bottom half way in from side wall - .21 in.bottom center - .19 in.90 in. high from floor to motor mountgearbox tag - MHV80A041-8VR - MODELMODEL 53S/N - 89128592-00115:1 53:21750 RPM INPUT MOTOR SPEEDSF: 1COMPOUNDS: 8CON DRIVE BY TEXTRON??motor tag - 40/10 HP40 HP @ 3480 RPMCHARLIE BELIEVES THESE WERE ORIGINALLY PURCHASED BY HARRIS GRAPHICS CORP - JANUARY 1985. OUT OF MELBOURNE FLORIDA FOR INSTALLATION IN DAYTON OHSOLD BUSINESS IN 1986 TO AM INTERNATIONALAUGUST IN 1987 - BUSINESS STARTED IN DAYTON OH2/9/05 - REVISED PRICING AS PER CHARLIE CASE. NEED TO SPEAK WITHCHARLIE ABOUT PRICING!!SINCE OVERHAULING ONLY USED 24/7 FOR 2 TO 3 YEARS.YR OF MFG. - NO IDEA.-- 9/11/05 - JonI got your quote on the 200-S Attritors. My customer has let me know that the unit with the 100 hp motor would be the one that may work for them. He is looking at some other type of equipment that we have here in stock. If he comes in to see my stuff I will try to get him over to see this unit at your place.It is in your warehouse--correct? What was it previously used for? I'll let you know if he decides to come for a visit. Regards Tom Suhy


ManufacturerUnion Process
Serial NumberN/A
Stock Number3348
Machine id3348
Machine descriptionUNION PROCESS MODEL 200-S BATCH ATTRITOR - S/S - JACKETED - 40/10 HP - S/S
Machine code03A
Equipped with1 - used Union Process Szegvari Attritor Model 200-S Grinding tank is stainless steel and is jacketed. 40/10 HP 3/60/460V 2 speed XP motor 3450/835 RPM. 300 gallon tank capacity 50-160 gallon slurry capacity. F.O.B. CLEVELAND OH
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