1992 Fitzpatrick D-6 A



SOLD D.H. Griffin #DSM02002-0621 - Avail conf 10/11/17PRICE - $9000 less 15% (conf. 10/11/17)LOCATION - WILMINGTON North CarolinaDSM02002-0621 Used Fitzpatrick Co. 316 Stainless Steel Model D6A. S/N SPV-DC3D6A-SSB/10559 fitzmill. Equipped with 3/5 3/60/230-460 volt motor. Currently equipped with 1536-0020 screen. Mounted on stainless steel skid. Built 1992. Includes S/S panel with Telemecanique ALTIVAR-5 VFD. FOB: Wilmington NC$9000CAME FROM DSM PHARMACEUTICALS. MAY HAVE BEEN USED FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS: Acyclovir Valacyclovir Bupropion thioguanine mercaptopurine clindamycin azathioprine allopurinol or zidovudine. I think this list would be complete.Jason 3/8/13 - JonHere are some current pictures of the fitzmill. The unit came from DSM pharmaceuticals. Hammers and product contact parts are in excellent condition. The unit spins freely thru the motor. Has been kept outside for roughly 6 years but still seems mechanically sound.1 available 1 sold - confirm when quoting!!


ModelD-6 A
Serial NumberSPV-DC3-D6A-SSB/10558
Stock Number5986
Machine id6168
Machine descriptionD-6 A FITZMILL - T-316 S/S
Machine code03G
Equipped with1 - used model D6A Fitzmill. T-316 stainless steel construction. With 3/5 3/60/230-460V motor. Mounted on stainless steel skid. Built 1992. With 1536-0200 screen and stainless steel panel with Telemecanique ALTIVAR-5VFD. F.O.B. - LOCATION
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