Fitzpatrick DASO-6



SOLD AS OF 12/11/07POLK MACHINERY #UNKA.E.C. Price $12500 netChicago IL locationavail. conf. 5/20/05S/N - 9787PLUG IS 480V BUT IT IS A DUAL VOLTAGE MOTOR.KNOBS/DIALS - ARE VARIABLE SPEED FOR FEED & ROTOR.MECHANICAL V/SAGE - NOT SURE - 4/27/05 - DUNCAN BOTANICAL'S - Looks the best to date. What are the knobs/dials on the side and it it pan or screw fed says both. Any idea of SN to get an idea of the age?4/18/06 - Polkmachine this DASO6 fitzmill with a screw feed and variable speed drive. It has fixed blades sharp on both sides. Net to you $12500.


Serial Number9787.0
Stock Number4785
Machine id4872
Machine descriptionDASO-6 FITZMILL - PAN FEED - S/S - 10 HP
Machine code03G
Equipped with1 - used model DASO-6 Fitzmill with a screw feed. 10 HP main drive. Fixed blades sharp on both sides. Last used in a food manufacturing facility. F.O.B. - LOCATION
Subcategory sort10.0