Fitzpatrick DASO-12



Champion #15060 - Avail. conf 6/4/146/18/14 - PRICE RAISED TO $36500 BUTCHAMPION WILL STILL HONOR AEC $32500 less 15%AS PER DAVEMarlboro NJ Thanks very much for your offer on our DASO 12 Fitzmill at this time we have decided to remain with our initial offering. In considering this unit is in perfect working condition has an explosion proof electrical system and is sold tested in good working order we feel our market price to you is more than fair. The new replacement cost of this unit exceeds 100 K and the delivery is more than 6 months. We will also provide a video of the unit under power and demonstrating all it’s functions prior to delivery at point of sale. We removed this unit from operational service and have tested it upon its arrival to our stock hence can vouch for its condition. FITZPATRICK MODEL DASO12 HAMMERMILL SERIAL # 9798. FEATURES ALL STAINLESS STEEL FOOD GRADE CONSTRUCTION MOUNTED IN PORTABLE STAINLESS STEEL FRAME WITH POLISHED FINISH AND CASTERS FACTORY 14 x 14 HOPPER WITH DUAL 4 DIAMETER FEED SCREWS CHAIN DRIVEN BY REEVES 1.5 HORSEPOWER VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE 230/460/3 PHASE VOLTAGE EXPLOSION PROOF AND UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES RATED FOR CLASS I GROUPS C & D AND CLASS II GROUPS F & G 22 TO 177 RPM MILL FEATURES 32 TYPE DS-225 FIXED KNIFE/HAMMER COMBINATION BLADES ON REVERSIBLE ROTOR AND DRIVEN BY 15 HORSEPOWER DRIVE @ 1760 RPM EXTERNALLY MOUNTED EXPLOSION PROOF STOP/START CONTROLS FOR BOTH DRIVES. WIRED FOR 440 VOLT SERVICE. UNIT FORMERLY USED IN FOOD INGREDIENT MANUFACTURING. 48 x 60 x 74 @ 3600 LBS.Good Morning JonI spoke with our ops manager he ask me to quote a new one from the Fitzpatrick Co I’m still very interested in the DASO-12 Fitzmill you currently have on hand what’s the best you could do for us on this machine.Thanks Billy L MooresCustom Mfg ManagerFlora Inc & Flora DistPH: 360/354-7169


Serial Number9798.0
Stock Number8014
Machine id8201
Machine descriptionDASO-12 FITZMILL - DUAL SCREW FEED - S/S - 15 HP
Machine code03G
Equipped with1 - used Fitzpatrick model DASO-12 Fitzmill Hammermill. With all stainless steel food grade construction. Mounted in portable stainless steel frame with polished finish and casters. Factory 14 in. x 14 in. hopper with dual 4 in. dia. feed screws chain driven by 1.5 HP 3/60/230/460 volt UL listed Reeves variable speed drive 22 to 177 RPM. (32) type DS-225 fixed knife/blunt edge reversible rotor driven by a 15 HP 3/60/440 volt 1760 RPM motor. Explosion proof start/stop controls for for both drives. Wired for 440 volt service. Prior service: Food ingredient manufacturing. Approx. OAD: 48 in. x 60 in. x 74 in. Approx. weight: 3600 lbs. F.O.B. - LOCATION
Subcategory sort12.0