Fitzpatrick K8-6069



SOLD AS OF 5/13/08Regal #9352-MSC (Avail conf. 6/4/07)AEC $7500 less 15% (perr quote 3/14/07) 9500 less 10% - to larry at monarch 559-688-7308- size of opening.STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER OR RE-WIRE THE MOTOR.TERRANCE at REGAL - HOPPER OPENING IS 7.25 in. X 7.5 in.ACTUAL CUTTING CHAMBER IS 14 in. X 9 in.330-325-9000


Stock Number3924
Machine id3928
Machine descriptionFITZMILL HAMMER MILL - K8-6089 - 20 HP
Machine code03G
Equipped with1 - Used Fitzmill Hammer Mill. Model # K8-6089. Screen B-1516S-.05. Motor 20 HP. Direct Drive 440 Volt. This unit is set up as direct drive. Fixed knives on rotor. Stainless steel contact parts. Top of hopper is approx. 7.25 in. x 7.5 in. Actual cutting chamber is approx. 14 in. x 9 in. Overall Length 61 in. - Overall Width 38 in. - Overall Height 53 in. Discharge height 24 in. Last used in a powdered food facility. F.O.B. - LOCATION
Subcategory sort20.0