Eidal 400-C



Federal #13550 - Avail conf. 5/29/12 on webSOLD 8/12 - BOUGHT FOR 10K SOLD FOR 11500.8/6/12 - TED WOULD TAKE $20K NET TO HIM$21500 as per Ted - Not sure if net or less 15%$27500 less 15% as per wingerScan of manual in AEC pics of #0357LOCATED AT FEDERAL YARD - ACCORDING TO WINGER 8/2/10Located at 38600 Pelton RoadMartin McClendon - 953-4197 Dan Burda at Eidal - 503-650-6797AL FANGMAN - CAN IT BE RUN WITH JUST ONE MOTOR?POTENTIAL CUSTOMER DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH CAPACITYELECTRICALLY TO RUN BOTH. 3/1/11 - as per TedThere is a hood. I'll send photos in a separate e-mail.No conveyors are included.The machine appears to be in good working orderUS MotorsPrior use industrial trash small electric motors wood pallets andboxes drums tires and miscellaneous municipal refuse.We would load it onto a flatbed truck. Jon Thanks for your response.I have a few questions if that is ok.1) what exactly comes with the machine. The ones I have seen before have a fully enclosed infeed hood . Does it have this ? Also do you have pictures of the the hood if it has one?2) do you have photos of the conveyors that come with it ?3) can you estimate the wear on the machine?4) I am guessing the motors are US spec. But I assume they would work in the uk as well ?5) we are thinking of putting shredded metal into it I assume it could handle that ?6) if I decided to buy it would you be able to arrange loading and shipping to the uk? And if so at what estimated cost? Could it fit into a container ?I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regardsRobert SantDirectorThe Recycling Group LtdTel : (+44)1547 520 550Fax: (+44) 1547 529 172DARRYL SCHMIDT314-315-6075IS THERE A HOOD ON IT? (FEED HOOD)IS THERE A STAND WITH IT?WAS IT RUNNING WHEN PULLED FROM SERVICE?WINGER REPLY - 8/2/10 - Price and discount are correct.Yes still availableIn my yard.Yes it has a hoodNo stand.We have had it for several years. It was installed running back thendoing city waste grinding pallets motors trash things like that.5/1/08 - WINGER - JonThis unit was last used to shred city industrial waste. Like the large stuff that your local community would collect on trash day. I would say it would shred anything you put in it. It is a mean looking machine.TED - It should handle that with no problem.ROCKNE RHODES WRITES: looks interesting. Will it shred metals.. steel copper etc... 1/4 inch thin 1/2 inch thick? think of shredding molded cast circuit breakers like you would fine in a commercial building or even a home electrical panel.2/2/04 - Cust #20248 questions - (2/25 - vendor answers)How old is the shredder and how long was it in use for? Approx. 20 years old when removed from plant. What is the condition of blades/shears? OK will probably need sharpening.Will this unit have any problems with a 4 inX4 in piece of wood? It was previously grinding municipal trash. I would think the wood pieces would be no problem. 3/21/05 - cust #23403 question - Please send me the general spec - Especially about output size of the product and dimensions. (req from vendor) 3/29/05 - sent scan of manual to customer.


Serial Number400-28
Stock Number357
Machine id357
Machine code03P
Subcategory sort509.0