1987 Respecta DB-15



SOLD 4/11/08Metaullics # UNKEbay Item number: 7578291532Metaullics looking for about $ 20K but will listen to offers -For more info: Marv Schultz - 716-731-32214/4/08 - cust #20753 offering $2000 (Gary Perry) 607-426-0719Original description states: additional product information is attached(?) SEE NATEQuestions from cust Graham Sutherland - waterpowerbtconnect.comDoes it have a vacuum? - what additional details are available?- what is shipping weight?1/25/05 - cust #22974 - How many hours on the machine and what is the conditon of the mixing screw? Also does the machine have a resin heater and where is Respecta America as they do not exist in Elk Grove Village. 1/28/05 - referred customer to Respecta (Germany)2/7/06 - cust #25459 - Ok forget about seeing the machine during operation but still I have to see the machine to be able to make an offer even in stand-still status. Can this be arranged?2/8/06 - YES - Absolutely - We would be ready and able to show this machine to you for you inspection at any time. We are eager to sell it and would encourage you to come and look at it as soon as possible.It is located at our warehouse in Cleveland Ohio. If you are flying into town we can pick you up at the airport and take you to see it. If you do fly in to see it and are planning on flying back the same day we recommend at least 3-4 hours between the arrival of your inbound flight and the departure of your outbound flight.


Serial Number1587US51
Stock Number492
Machine id492
Machine descriptionRESPECTA MODEL DB-15 CONTINUOUS MIXER - 15-35 LBS./MIN.
Machine code05C
Equipped with1 - Used Respecta model DB-15 Continuous Mixer with dual hopper system. Machine has 2 variable speed feed screws into final output mixing screw. Unit has a dual hopper with 8 cu. ft on each side. Unit was designed to mix materials such as high cultured marble etc. and is rated at 15 to 35 lbs. per minute. Built by Respecta of Germany in 1987. Serial number 1587US51. Manufacturer product information in PDF format available at http://www.arnoldeqp.com/pdf/0492.pdf. F.O.B. CLEVELAND OH
Subcategory sort15.0