J. H. Day RB 177



soldChampion #12136 - Avail. conf 7/8/09AEC Price: $75000 less 15%Marlboro NJ10/14/05 - DAVE MATTHEWS WOULD TAKE $37500 NET TO HIM!! BASED ON OUR CUSTOMER OFFERING US $40000.00. COUNTER TO CUSTOMER FOR $52500.009/12/05 - cust #24498 - (to vendor 9/20/05 & resent to vendor 9/23/05 w/cc to JMA) 1.- how long has it been out of service2.- Which is the manufacturing year ?3.- What is the reason it was given out of service ?4.- is the material construction stainless steel 316?5.- does this dryer have the operation manuals?6.- Does it have maintenance manuals?7.- What product was processed in it ?8.- Wich is the location it is installed?9/28/05 -(to cust 9/29/05) per vendor - Sorry for the delay in returning your E mail I was waiting to talk with one of the plant managers familiar with this particular Nauta mixer.The unit has been out of service for about 2.5 years however has been maintained and as testament to this the screw and orbital arm can be turned by hand.We believe the unit was made in the mid to late 80's however I invite you to check with the manufacturer yourself since none of the plant personal were able to give an exact year with any definitiveness.The unit was removed from service since this manufacturing area had been shut down and the related manufacturing was consolidated into other facilities.The contact surfaces are 316 L Stainless Steel with a high polished finish inside and out.There are no manuals or maintenance records available.The unit manufactured the baby product Destin in Pfizer's New Jersey facility.The unit was removed and delivered to our facility in Marlboro New Jersey by Hopatcong Rigging.


ManufacturerJ. H. Day
ModelRB 177
Serial Number1865.0
Stock Number4809
Machine id4897
Machine description117 CU. FT. NAUTA MIXER DRYER - S/S - JACKETED - XP
Machine code05K
Equipped with1- Used JH Day T304 stainless steel Nauta Mixer. Model RB 177. Features 117 cu. ft. working capacity full jacketed body rated for 125 psi at 353 deg. F full vacuum shell single supported screw twin high speed lump breakers with 15 hp xp drives and pressurized oil seals. Internal clean in place liquid injection system with 360 degree manifold with multiple high pressure nozzles located above orbital arm with external inlet 30 hp orbital arm drive by Dayton 1760 rpm 3 hp screw drive by Reliance at 1730 rpm. Explosion proof for class 1 group D & class II groups F and G. 5 top 5 in. four bolt flanged inlets two sight glass ports one 6 in. sight glass and one closed with blind flange. Dome top cover with swing mounted cover on 20 in. manway four bottom flanged ports two accepting high speed lump breakers one with blind flange and one with 2.5 in. discharge with tri clamp connection mounted in painted steel support frame with weigh cells. 102 in. inside diameter x 152 in. cone depth. Former application: Pharmaceutical. F.O.B. LOCATION
Subcategory sort117.0