1976 Strong Scott 1MXJ



SOLD AS OF 7/21/06PERRY VIDEX #8200-1$43500 LESS 15%NJ LOCATION - FIND OUT WHERE2/21/06 - per vendor - est 10000.00 per unit to blastprimepaint and replace bearings.


ManufacturerStrong Scott
Serial Number2847.S/O 758761
Stock Number5321
Machine id5422
Machine description600 CU. FT. STRONG SCOTT DOUBLE RIBBON BLENDER - C/S - 100 HP
Machine code05M
Equipped with1 - used approx. 600 cu. ft. Strong Scott Double Ribbon Blender. Carbon steel construction. Jacketed trough rated 14.9 psi. 76 in. dia. trough x 17 ft. long. Jacket covers approx. 1/3 of bottom of trough. (2) off center bottom discharges approx. 3 ft. from center of blender with air cylinder actuated slide gate. 100 HP single speed motor with gearbox and chain drive. New in approx. 1976. Rated at 4500 gallon capacity. 21 RPM ribbon speed. Model 1MXJ. Center shaft dia. is approx. 18 in. F.O.B. - LOCATION
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