J.H. Day



Federal #12102 avail. conf. 5/12/05asking 39500.00 less 15 % 6/9/97 per Karen W.


ManufacturerJ.H. Day
Stock Number1147
Machine id1147
Machine description500 CU. FT. J.H. DAY RIBBON BLENDER - C/S - JACKETED - 75 HP
Machine code05M
Equipped with1 - Used J.H. Day Co. Carbon Steel Ribbon Blender rated at 500 cu. ft. working capacity. Unit is driven by 75 HP 3/60/220-440 vari-speed drive and has outboard bearings and stuffing boxes. Size of trough is 72 in. w x 16' long x 80 in. deep with center discharge. Unit ha an interrupted type ribbon agitator. Variable speed drive gives outputs of 15 to 62 RPM on the 10 in. dia. main shaft. Trough of machine is jacketed. Unit has a flat cover and standard stands. Overal dimensions are 7' x 22' plus 98 in. x 58 in. area for drive 96 in. hi
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