JV with Mark Nawrot DMBS Co. (#P10384) AVAIL 7/14/08Ebay Item number: 130162314442 FOB - Houston TXWE PAID $1900 FOR 3 PIECES TWO ROLL MILL & 2 LAB MIXERSWITH FREIGHTOAD: 41 IN. F TO B X 52 IN. L TO R X 64 IN. Good am Jon.This machine has no temp. gauge that I can see. Also you COULD adjust therolls by taking half the end plates off along with setting some spacers Iguess it depends on what you're runnig it does not need the end plates onboth rolls but I don't think that was the intention of the way it's set up.It weighs approx. 1700 lbs.Sell it!!!!!MarkJon. here are the pics and info on the Karder.I don't think it's UL or CSA looking at the junction boxes and the fact I can't find any tags. Since it's wired for 440 it has to be 60 hz. Can't find that either.Rolls are cored (see pic.)Let me know if you want it wired. It is 440 input so I can run it but I cannot get a speed range.If I can be of further help please let me know.Mark Nawrot


Stock Number6103
Machine id6287
Machine description6 in. x 13 in. RELIABLE TWO ROLL MILL ON STAND
Machine code07F
Equipped with1 - used Reliable Two Roll Mill on stand. Rolls are approx. 6 in. dia. x 13 in. long. 7.5 HP 500V motor into 460V transformer. With variable speed jog start/stop control. Approx. OAD: 41 in. deep x 52 in. wide x 64 in. high. F.O.B. - LOCATION
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