SOLD as of 1/4/08Lancer Dispersions - Don DeKemper or Steve HershfieldAkron OHPrice T.B.D.IS IT A D.C. DRIVE?95 FEET PER MINUTE ADJUSTABLE ON THE BACK ROLL - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IN RELATIONSHIP TO THE 150 HP MOTOR.WHAT'S THE PRICE?JonIt is not a DC drive. The only adjustment is the gap between the two rolls. There is no speed adjustment on the 150 hp motor.


Stock Number5179
Machine id5274
Machine description22 in. X 60 in. VAUGHN TWO ROLL MILL - 150 HP
Machine code07F
Equipped with1 - used Vaughn 22 in. x 60 in. Two Roll Mill. With 150 HP motor and 29.05:1 gear reducer. Motor speed - 575 drive speed out of gearbox - 20.65. Circumference of rolls - 69 in. on both front and back. Approx. 118.74 feet per minute of travel drive on the front roll. Approx. 95 feet per minute of travel (adjustable) on the back roll. 19 in. stop time. 1.28% of surface speed. Gears: 20 teeth on the drive roll 25 teeth on the adjustable roll F/R - 1.25. Unit still installed and in production Fall 2005. (2) videos available showing machine in production on 10/24/05. Unit is being offered removed and loaded onto buyer's truck. (2) Videos available showing machine in operation: AND F.O.B. - LOCATION
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