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NEW – Made To Order – Model 770 force flow air valve bagger for packaging granular or powdered dry materials. Also listed are several available options. MODEL 770 FORCE FLOW PACKER – Pressurematic Gross weighing air actuated valve bagger with positive air pneumatic circuit, air operated pinch tube cutoff, manual bag chair, mild steel construction STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS: Manual start switch, 12″ butterfly valve and actuator, Dust collection connection, Scale beam weighing, 3-way separate exhaust, Filling spout as per your bag specifications, 8″ x 12″ sight glass in upper chamber (1) Low pressure air pump assembly, consisting of 5 HP motor and Roots 36 rotary pump, complete with inlet filter silencer and discharge silencer, pressure weighted relief valve. 197 cfm @ 6 psig maximum air requirements.  Does not include starter. Uses 3 phase power.………….add US$ 4,850 (1) Electronic weighing, with Rice Lake 920i digital controller, 500# “S” load cell…..add US$ 4,800 (1) Bulk and dribble cylinder, interfaced to electronic weighing controller…..add US$ 1,250 (1) Power discharge chair, for use with a conveyor……add US$ 2,100 (1) 304ss contacting surfaces…….add US$ 1,800

(1) Bag seal circuitry on filling spout, to inflate within bag's valve for dust control.....add US$875 SHIPMENT: 6 – 8 weeks after receipt of order and first payment TERMS: 50% down with purchase order, to begin project 50% balance upon completion of construction, prior to shipment. * ABOVE PRICING SET 8/13/21. PRICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON COST OF MATERIALS. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR CURRENT PRICING. F.O.B. – LOCATION


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