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1 – NEW AUGER VALVE BAGGER, MODEL SR 206. Heavy duty gross weighing auger valve bagger for filling valve bags with dry granular or powdered products. Also listed are additional options. Each bagger should package approx. (3-6) 50# bags/minute, depending on product and operator speed. Filling spout can be made to match your bag. Accuracy and production rates are based upon adequate product head above baggers, good flow characteristics and proper bag design. The standard mechanical bagger will give you approx. +/- 1/2% accuracy. Electronic weighing upgrade gives +/- 1/4%. With manual or air actuated bag clamp, manual bag chair, mechanical scale weighing, mild steel construction. Standard specification: 5 HP TEFC motor (240/480v, 3 phase, 60 hertz). NEMA 12 electrical controls with forward and reversing starter. Scale beam weighing (mechanical weighing). Weight range 20#-110#. Filling spout as per your specification (Recommended 3 in. O.D. spout for 5 1/4 in+ valve bag). Manual chair. V-hopper, for free-flowing product. Clean out door and drain port. Standard overall height is 63 in. (PHOTOS SHOW BAGGER WITH MECHANICAL WEIGHING AND WITH ELECTRONIC WEIGHING UPGRADE) The following options are available for an additional cost: Electronic weighing, 2-speed bulk and dribble fill with Rice Lake 920i, digital controller and Allen Bradley variable frequency drive, NEMA 4X…….add tbd Ribbon/spike agitator in primary hopper for hard to move products……..add tbd Open mouth attachment with 7 in. dia. spout and air-operated bag clamp……add tbd T-304 stainless steel contact surfaces……add tbd 5 HP Explosion proof TEFC motor (220/480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz), Class II, Division II Group G…………..add tbd Lockdown casters for portability………….add tbde Welds grounded up and polished (for food grade application)……..add tbd Hinged top-hat, for quick clean-out………add tbd 10 in. butterfly valve mounted above bagger for floody (very light/fine) product…….add tbd for steel, tbd for stainless. All stainless steel construction for food application……add tbd Approx. shipping time, approx. 6-8 weeks from receipt of 50% deposit to begin construction. Balance due upon completion of work, prior to shipment. * QUOTED PRICING IS GOOD FOR 30 DAYS. PRICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME BASED ON COST OF MATERIALS. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR CURRENT PRICING. F.O.B. – LOCATION


ManufacturerECC, Inc.
ModelSR 206
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