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3 – used 10 gallon Ross Mix Cans. Stainless steel construction. These mix cans were last used with a Ross model HDM-10 mixer. All are jacketed. All are on casters for portability. All are 18 in. inside diameter and 13 1/2 in. inside height to lip. All (3) with carbon steel jackets F.O.B. – LOCATION

*All three are stainless steel inside (the insides all look good) and they all have carbon steel jackets.

*One has a valve pad on the bottom for a valve (I believe it's 1"), but there is no valve. That can has the normal Ross style handles on the sides of the can.

*The other two have removeable handles in the front and cove-cut plug outlets. Both of the cove-cut plugs are stuck in place, and both of the nuts that hold the plugs in place are missing. We never tried to remove the plugs, so we don't know how difficult it will be to loosen them. One of the plugs has a rounded shape inside the can and the other has a square shape as you can see in the photos.

We are selling the three cans in as-is condition with jackets tested prior to shipping.



*Most likely cans will need some minor modifications to make it fit the mixer.  Ross custom fits these cans to each mixer when they assemble the machines, so the stop blocks at the rear usually need to be cut off and moved (either the ones on the base or the ones on the mix can) and the front tabs on the can (or the holes in the base) need to have the holes filled with weld or covered and new holes drilled.  It's not that big of a job for a skilled mechanic or welder.


The mix can will be on a pallet and will be 40" x 48" x approx. 36" high.  We don't have a scale here, but for shipping purposes, my guess is that it should be under 500 pounds palletized.  The vessel number is illegible except that it looks like it ended in "C".  I measured the valve pad (with a tape measure) and it's approximately 4-1/4" in diameter, the hole is approximately 1" in diameter and the 4 bolt holes are on approximately a 3-1/8" bolt circle.  The threaded bolt holes are tapped 1/2"-13 thread.  We will test the jacket tomorrow and let you know if it's good.  Let me know if you need anything else.


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