35 CU. FT. RIBBON BLENDER – S/S – 15 HP – NEW – #9069

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1 – NEW 35 cu. ft. working capacity Stainless Steel Double Ribbon Blender. With T-304 stainless steel construction (mirror finish on ribbons). Pneumatic flap discharge, safety sensors, control panel and teflon air seals. 1,000 liter capacity. Powered by a 15 HP 3/60/220V, 15 kw, 60 rpm motor. Trough measures approx. 60 in. long x 36 in. deep. Approx. OAD: 77 in. long x 45 in. wide x 78 in. high. Approx. 600 mm under clearance from discharge to floor. Approx. 8 week delivery from receipt of 65% deposit. Crating: Add $990.00 USD. Shipping/customs at additional cost. Terms: 65% with order, balance upon completion of construction, prior to shipment. ASKING PRICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON CURRENT MARKET PRICE FOR STAINLESS STEEL & LABOR. CALL ARNOLD EQUIPMENT TO CONFIRM THAT PRICING IS CURRENT. F.O.B. – LOCATION