300 Gallon Groen Triple Motion Kettle – T-316 S/S – Jacketed (#9333)

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1 – used 300 gallon Groen Triple Motion Agitated Kettle.  Model N-300.  T-316 stainless steel vessel, jacketed body rated for 100 psi service.  Bridge mounted triple motion agitator consisting of full scraper agitator with nylon scrapers and two secondary paddle agitators driven on each side of scraper agitator shaft. 3 horsepower drive motor with gear reducer.  Approx. 3″ center bottom discharge with 22″ floor clearance and tri-clamp connection.  Opposing hinged covers on each side of bridge, mounted on four threaded pipe legs with 98″ oah. Formerly used in cosmetic manufacturing.  F.O.B. – LOCATION


Serial Number25247.0
Stock Number9333
Size (smallest to largest)300.0