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1 – used Lee 1,000 gallon Kettle. Open top with 6 in. center bottom tri-clamp outlet. Jacket National Board rated 125 psi.

Options: NEW Single Motion Wide Sweep Scraper Agitation System. Anchor type with scrapers……$28,200.00.

NEW Double Motion Wide Sweep Scraper Agitation System. This is a true counter-rotating design with the scrapers turning one direction and the flight bars turning the opposite direction. Each shaft is controlled by a separate drive and VFD (VFD $2450 for each drive)………..Price $42,500.00

Twin Action Wide Sweep Scraper Agitation System. This system consists of a single motion wide sweep scraper agitator and a secondary off set agitator. Each agitator is driven by an independent gear drive with VFD (VFD $1850 for each drive) for complete speed control and direction. All mounted to a one piece formed stainless steel bridge……$33,500.00

Bridge Mount High Speed Mixer for kettle. 20 HP full speed mixer. All stainless steel including motor. Customer’s choice of prop type, hydrofoil or shear cutter…….price t.b.d.

Brand Name Silverson High Speed Mixer for kettle with rotor/stator head……(Approx. $60K USD)

The kettle is used and is offered reconditioned. All agitation components are built new and come with a warranty. Our reconditioning service includes: 1. Pressure testing of jacket and repairing any leaks. 2. All mechanical systems are checked and any worn parts replaced. 3. Any worn seals are replaced. 4. Legs that are mild steel will either be re-painted or replaced with stainless steel. 5. All stainless steel is cleaned and brushed to a sanitary finish. 6. Crating and skidding for all smaller kettles. 7. Loading. 8. Arranging transportation. Modifications and agitation are available for any kettle. Kettles are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.


ManufacturerLee Industries
Stock Number9779
Size (smallest to largest)1000.0 gallon