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New Sino Model SNGX4 Series Drop Liquid Filling and Capping Machine with dual hoppers.

(Delivery Time: Approx 8 weeks)

(*plus shipping and customs/duties to Toronto approx $6,000 USD may vary)

(*plus shipping and customs/duties to USA) *Optional: Feed and Accumulation Tables...Add approx $3,990 USD Each

Upgraded: For two types to put cap device + one head capping

Has the advantage of no bottle no filling, no bottle no dropping, no bottle no capping ,etc.

Advanced technology on the basis of research and development, for spray filling equipment.

Applicable: variety round, shaped bottles, a variety of nozzle filling screw (rolling) cover.

With filling measurement accuracy, screw cap smooth , simple operation and so on.

Widely used in medicine, cosmetic and other industries. The machine adopts conveyor belt variable frequency conveying bottle, adopts stainless steel pump pro be type positioning filling. Automatic shock management cover, pneumatic linear positioning under the cover screw (pressure) cover. Conveyor belt will autofill the finished product delivery to the next process.

1. Linear design makes it convenient to be contacted with other machines.

2. No filling when there is no bottle, no capping when there is no bottle, and output can be counted auto

3. Advanced control method: The w hole machine is controlled by the touch screen & PL C, it’s reliable, and the calculating speed is quick.

4. TELTA frequency converter from Taiwan is adopted, it’s steady and reliable.

5. Correct filling quantity: High precision 3- phase large torque stepping motor is adopted, with the stepping angle is only 0.72 degree.

6. High working efficiency: Processes of filling, outer cap’s unscrambling, outer cap’s wearing and screwing are all finished by one machine.

7. Comply with GMP standard: All parts which are contacted with medical liquid except silicon tubes ar e made w t i h stainless steel,and meets GMP standard.

8. It’s easy to disassemble or install: With the buckle type peristaltic structure, there is no need of any to ol w hen replacing silicon tubes.

9. Have the bottle feeding protection: When there is lacking of bottles or bottles are fall down, machine will stop auto, so avoid the bottle’s blocking.

10. Save parameters: All modifying parameters will exist next start, so there is no need to re-enter.

11. It’s easy to clean: High vertical columns are adopted for the installing of tableboard, and there is seal ring, so can be cleaned with water directly.

12. All electrical components are used wellknown brands. The operation of the machine intuitive and convenient, no bottle is not filling, accurate measurement, no bottle is not covered.

13. Cover positioning device to ensure that the nozzle plastic pipe is too long or bending can also accurately enter the bottle

Technical Parameters: Working capacity 30-35bottles/min,

Filling Heads: 4 / Capping heads / Put Caps: 1 /1

Electrics: 1Ph/60Hz/220Volts, Motor Power 0.75KW, Total power 2.5KW

Compressed air Required: 0.4~0.6Mpa, Filling accuracy not more than ±1%

Dimension: 2000×1800×1800mm, Weight about 950 kg


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