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Disperser added, mixer mechanically rebuilt, cleaned, re-painted, and with a one-year warranty

COVERING: One Ross planetary disperser mixer model PD-10, including the following features and specifications:

 The mixer is equipped with a Delroyd model HV-50 gear reducer. The gear reducer has been inspected and found to be in good mechanical condition. All oil seals will be replaced and the reducer will be re-filled with sulfur-free worm gear lubricant.

 The mixer includes a 5 HP, 1,750 rpm, 230/460 volt, TEFC motor for the high-speed disperser and a 3 HP, 1,750 rpm, 230/460 volt, XP (Class I, group D, Class II groups, F & G) motor for the planetary blade. The machine is currently wired for 460 volts, and includes two 460 volt inverters and two start/stop buttons mounted on the side of the drive bonnet.

 The planetary gearbox is carbon steel. All bearings and seals inside the planetary gearbox including the bearings and seals on the high speed disperser drive shaft will be replaced with new.

 The used rectangular style stirrer is type 304 stainless steel.

 Although the machine runs well and the rectangular stirrer does not hit the mix can, the stirrer shaft appears by eye to be bent. This will be checked out thoroughly, and if needed, the shaft will either be straightened or a new shaft will be made.

 A new type 304 stainless steel disperser shaft will be made and will be supported by two new pillow block bearings. A stainless steel belt guard will be provided for the timing belt that drives the disperser shaft (below the planetary gearbox).

 The vacuum hood is fabricated from type 304 stainless steel. The hood includes two 3” sight ports with Cherry-Burrel connections, one 4-1/2” light port with light, one 6” flanged charge port with an easily removable cover (sealed by an O-ring), and one NPT vacuum connection. New Viton O-rings will be provided to seal the hood to the drive bonnet and to the mix can.

 This proposal includes one jacketed mix can with type 304 stainless steel wetted parts and a painted, carbon steel heating/cooling jacket. The mix can includes a 2” flush bottom ball valve with a Tri-Clamp connection and a sidewall mounted temperature probe (untested). Note: Additional mix cans are available and will be quoted upon request.

 The mixer is raised by an air/oil hydraulic lift in good condition with new packing installed. The lift is controlled by a hand operated air valve, and a foot operated hydraulic valve.

 The machine’s base is fabricated from steel channel and is 6” high.

 We will paint exterior carbon steel surfaces of the machine with “Heavy Duty Machine Teal” (see our website) oil-based industrial enamel paint. All non-stainless steel surfaces inside the hood including the gearbox, the exposed upper part of the cast iron sleeve bearing and the underside of the drive bonnet (inside the hood) with be coated with “Steel-it” stainless steel filled paint.


SHIPMENT: Approximately 10 weeks after receipt of order and 70% down payment to begin work. 30% balance due upon completion of work, prior to shipment.

 Any safety limit switches, etc. that are provided with this machine were already installed on it when we received it, and do not necessarily meet all codes and requirements. It is the end user’s responsibility to comply with any federal, state or local codes and ordinances.

WARRANTY: Heavy Duty Machine warrants the mechanical components of the machine for a period of one year from purchase with the exception of normal wear items such as seals and O-rings or any damage due to improper use or abuse. Bent shafts and any related damage caused by this type of failure are examples of improper use or abuse that are not covered under this warranty. VFDs, safety switches, or any other electrical components are not covered under this warranty



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