360 Liter VMI Misceo Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer (#9849)

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VMI Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers provide all of the functionality necessary for the manufacture of suspensions, emulsions, creams, lotions, gels and pastes. All VMI Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer systems include counter-rotating agitators with vessel wall scraping, high-speed rotor / stator homogenizers, jacketed vessels for heating and cooling, and vacuum construction.

The VMI Misceo 360 Liter Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer combines inner and outer counter-rotating co-axial agitators with our efficient bottom-entering Rotor & Stator high shear mixer. The Misceo systems are vacuum capable and jacketed for heating or cooling, as well as optional liquid and powder induction valves.

A complete turn-key system with platform and integrated Agitated Melting Vessel are also available. Control of the Misceo by a PLC with a color touch-screen HMI interface.

The Misceo line is also available in 180, 600 and 1200 liter capacities.


Model360 Liter VMI Misceo Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer
Stock Number9849
Size (smallest to largest)360 Liter