Many dealers will say they offer you top dollar for your equipment. That usually means they offer top wholesale dollar. Arnold can get you maximum value. See which option is best for you.


Let us help you get the highest return for your surplus equipment

Many machinery dealers will say that they offer you top dollar for your equipment. What that usually means is that they can offer you top WHOLESALE dollar to purchase your machine(s) for their resale inventory. ARNOLD EQUIPMENT COMPANY can help you sell your machine one of three ways:

  • Exclusive Listing
  • Consignment
  • Outright Purchase

Whatever your choice, we can help you get the maximum value for the minimum effort. Once you determine your objectives (get the most money, free up space, or get wholesale value immediately), you can put our experience to work for you to achieve your goal.

Exclusive Listing

If you are able to warehouse the machine(s) at your facilities until sold, we can get you the maximum return on your investment by allowing us to run an exclusive listing on our numerous marketing platforms and through direct email to thousands of end-user manufacturing facilities throughout the world. This gives you the following advantages:

  • You retain ownership of the machine(s) until sold.
  • We advertise and market your machine to end users who are ready and willing to pay retail (fair market value); you do not pay anything up front for this service and we deduct our commission from the proceeds at the time that the machine is sold. Additionally, we market to other dealers who might have customers already looking for the machine(s), which they can have emailed.
  • We offer potential customers the convenience of detailed photos and descriptions of the machine(s), which they can have emailed.
  • Our established presence in the used machinery marketplace lets customers know that we have knowledge of the machines we are selling for you and that we are able to promptly and professionally handle all inquires about your machine(s).


If you need to get the machine(s) out of your facility as soon as possible, but do not want to settle for selling them to a dealer at wholesale cost, we can store your machine rent-free at our warehouse until it is sold. This gives you all of the advantages of an exclusive listing, with the exception of a higher commission to be deducted at the time of the sale. Although the return would not be as much as if we sell the machine(s) from out of our facility, you would be able to get more money at the time of sale than you could ever hope to get from a dealer buying at wholesale for resale stock.

Outright Purchase

If you need to generate income from your surplus machinery as soon as possible, we are always looking for quality machines to buy for our resale inventory. Our offers will be competitive.

What do you have to sell? Exclusive Listings, Consignment, and Outright