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Pfaudler is a world renowned process solutions company who is constantly developing new technologies to meet the chemical processing needs of an array of clients. Pfaudler technologies are used for fluid mechanics, reaction kinetics, agitation/mixing, heat transfer, mass transfer, separations, filtration, drying, and materials engineering.

Pfaudler’s innovative and durable equipment is used by an array of industries, but is most often used in the chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries. Pfaudler equipment is ideal for the industries who work with corrosive and potentially harmful materials.

Pfaudler Products at Arnold Equipment

The Pfaudler equipment available at Arnold Equipment includes:

  • Reactors – Pfaudler is known for their innovative technology, and their reactors are a great example of that. Glass-lined reactors are ideal for the chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries because they are fully corrosion proof and designed to operate at high pressure and temperature levels. The reactors we have range from 1-gallon to 5,000-gallon tanks.
  • Chemstor Tanks – Pfaudler’s glass-lined chemstor tanks are also ideal for the chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries because they are made with the best materials and processes available. These highly durable tanks provide a good countermeasure against chemical spills and leaks.

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